Triton for the Shop Floor Application

We offer a shop floor application named Triton, which can track shop floor activities while integrating with most financial systems.  Triton includes modules to cost product, track lot specific detail, provide job specific detail, give specific recall information for lot genealogy, provide a what-if pricing scenario builder, provide product bills of materials that are both regular and inverted, provide order fulfillment visibility to shop floor workers... the list of features goes on and on.

Utilizing Microsoft SQL Server - Business Intelligence Services to bring the power of data to your organization.  From olap cubes and reporting services to new technologies like tabular cubes and Power BI.  we can give you the information to make your business more profitable and more efficient.



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We are manufacturing experts.  We can help your business with projects encompassing ROI calculations on new investments, streamlining shop floors for efficiency, activity based costing, collecting and analyzing data, recall tracking, inventory tracking, and product costing. 

Existing or Internally designed applications can often need support due to originators leaving a company or just a new vision of technology needs.  We can help... we have supported existing applications in many different environments whether they are Microsoft Access database applications, Excel datasheets, or much more involved ERP or MRP systems.

Utilizing the Microsoft Stack, we can merge data from multiple sources on a scheduled basis or provide a one-time import or export of needed data from my data source types.   Need a data warehouse or data mart for reporting of multiple data sources... we can do it!